Blackmail contract

sick man that enjoy very much to be a pathetic zoofil and pedofil!!!!
This is so embarassing , this sick and crazy guy, suck his dog cock and eXcite him , get the dog closer to him by using steak and get some part stick in his ass so that the dog start to lick the steak and like that dog was fucking his ass with his tongue, he also made the dog to like his balls until he cum and after take the 2 legs of his dog and start sucking his cock..; that’s so disgusting !!!!!
Animals don’t deserve clothes unless they are for special occasions. The same now goes for you! Now you will still need some clothes to keep up your facade of pretending to be human!
Don’t worry what society thinks piggy. They are hopeless cattle mindlessly grazing the field until they are taken to slaughter. I give you an alternative to that terrible mundane life that you trick yourself into wanting.


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